Daily Menu

Daily Cake Flavors

Chocolate . Vanilla . Red Velvet . Lemon
Lemon Poppy Seed . Carrot . Peanut Butter Chip . Coconut Chip

Daily Frosting Flavors

Chocolate Buttercream . Vanilla Buttercream . Cream Cheese . Toasted Coconut
Fresh Coconut . German Chocolate . Raspberry Swirl . Lemon 
Peanut Butter . Oreo . Mint Oreo . Salted Caramel . Vegan Vanilla . Vegan Chocolate

Current Seasonal Cake Flavors

Mint Chip . Guinness Chocolate . Almond Poppyseed

 Current Seasonal Frosting Flavors

Irish Cream . Amaretto



(click here for gluten/dairy free pricing)


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Price: $3.50 each
6 cupcakes/$20


Gourmet Cupcakes

Gourmet Cupcakes

Price: $5.00each
6 cupcakes/$30



Mini Cupcakes


Price: $15/Dozen  Sold by the dozen.  1 cake flavor/ dozen ordered 

Chocolate .  Vanilla .  Red Velvet

Additional flavors available when pre-ordered 

We can frost your mini cupcakes in a variety of flavors.  Up to 3 frostings/dozen